I am a Computer Consultant specializing in helping small businesses to implement judicious tech choices, streamline infrastructure, and learn best uses of tech to create the most productive workflow.

In addition to being an IT professional, I am also a multimedia artist and can help you with reports, websites, databases, graphics, desktop publishing, videos, marketing etc.

I offer free consultations for new clients.

I’m familiar with blockchain, crypto currencies, Web 3.0 and evolving bank transactions.

Computing, and especially online financial transactions, should be considered to be highly sensitive actions.

Trust becomes a most valuable trait – and Trust is the most vital part of my professional image.

The concept of personal security in the digital world is, has been, and will always be of the greatest concern.

Meg is a consistent source of leadership and logic on every project she’s involved with—we have collaborated on a number of projects in the areas of web design and audio engineering. I know I can always rely on her to use her extensive knowledge and abilities in these areas to enhance the vision, and push any piece to creatively unexpected places. Meg is passionate about her work, and will deliver on time and above expectations. She is an asset to any team—a voice of reason in the heat of the action. – Rob Aleman, 2011 / Rockabilly musician

(You can hear my trumpet playing on his recent album at ReverbNation. Check out Ring of Fire! It’s funky!)

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About Me

I am a musician and computer geek, multimedia artist and mother. I cut my computer teeth beginning at Goldman, Sachs & Co. and NYC’s Fortune 100 1987-1996. I have been an entrepreneur since the late 90s, and my business has mostly been word-of-mouth. I am a software expert, network and hardware technician. I’m in progress toward gaining CompTIA A+ Certification for Information Technology (IT) by end of year 2023, with the ultimate goal of becoming a cyber security guru.

“I’m going to call you Magic Meg!” – Malena Kuss, Islandsofhistory.com 2020

If you’re looking for reliable online tech help, reach out and let’s have a conversation!